Qima Coffee

Up until the early 1700s, Yemen was the world’s sole producer and exporter of coffee. But as importing nations found new ways to source the bean, the coffee trade slid into corporate commercial capitalism. And Yemen couldn’t compete.

By 1800, the country was producing just 6% of the world’s coffee. Today, it’s less than 0.1%.

Despite this, Yemeni farmers are still growing coffee today. But with the narcotic plant ‘qat’ attracting a higher price, many farmers reluctantly switch over.

But Qima Coffee is changing that.

By partnering with smallholder Yemeni farmers, Qima Coffee provide the training and infrastructure they need to grow and sell their coffee, paying the highest and fairest premiums in the market.

Working closely with their founder, I helped Qima Coffee distill the foundations of their brand – from their core position and mission statement to their values and tone of voice. I then created a customer brochure that accompanies every box of specialty coffee, a fair chunk of which is now featured on their website.

Here's what founder and CEO, Faris said about working with me:

"Jo was the first copywriter who started the conversation with questioning whether she could add value instead of telling me she could. A very refreshing change from the usual sales pitch!

It goes without saying, Jo is a fantastic copywriter. Anyone can see that from simply browsing her website. Good with words, creative with narratives and never strays from the brand tone of voice. What I found even more impressive than her already impressive copy skills was her ability to grasp and verbalise our entire vision, values and brand identity in a shockingly short space of time.

From a customer relationship management perspective, Jo worked dynamically around my intense schedule to meet the deadlines we agreed on, and she always did so with a smile.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jo, and look forward to expanding our scope in the future. I cannot recommend her services enough and encourage anyone considering working with her to move ahead without hesitation."

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