When the world slowed down for lockdown 2020, Christina Perriam – founder of luxury fashion brand PERRIAM – didn’t make sourdough like the rest of us. She knitted, just like her mum did with her growing up on Bendigo Station.

This inspired Christina to rethink her business strategy, introduce Knit Kits to reconnect people to crafting, and refine PERRIAM's positioning to show the value in investing in signature wardrobe pieces.

So, working with the dream design team over at White Light Studio, I helped PERRIAM refresh their entire brand guidelines around a new core thought (‘Buy once, treasure forever’) and realign with their ‘salt of the earth’ roots.

Once we’d pinned down the brand’s evolution, I helped Christina and the team conceptualise and create content for the Knit Kits (packaging, an instructions booklet, a wool care guide and a press release).

And to enable them to create future content on their own, I compiled a bank of words and phrases to help them uphold the brand's integrity.

Photo credits: Letitia Jane Photography and Christina Perriam