A bit about me

Graduating in a recession (with an English & Creative Writing degree at that!) isn’t the easiest of times to kick-start your career. But it’s not impossible.

After juggling two unpaid internships writing for a ski magazine and running writing workshops for kids, the holes in my pockets started to expose flesh. Before things got too risqué, I landed my first paid job as a writer at a leading London agency. And I’ve been helping businesses with their content and tone ever since.

After a number of years working for creative agencies in London, I went freelance in 2013. Then in 2016, I upped sticks and moved to beautiful New Zealand.

Now, from my co-working studio (way) down under, I help businesses from all over the world figure out what they want to say and how they want to say it.

A bit about what I do

The writer in me helps you:

  • articulate complex ideas in a simple, straightforward way.
  • create content that sticks in a tone that's right for your brand.
  • find the perfect name for your product or service. To date, I’ve named paint colours, luxury apartments, skincare ranges and vegan snacks (and I'll do it again).

The consultant in me helps you:

  • tell your story in a way that’ll make the world sit up and listen.
  • discover who you are as a brand, so you can connect with your customers better and grow with purpose.
  • plan and structure your messaging in the most effective way possible.

A bit from my clients

"Jo has a gift for unlocking beautiful and personable ways of talking about our very technical products.” – Josh, BLUNT Umbrellas

"Collaborating with Jo has been a thought-provoking, linguistic journey for our brand.” – Scott, S&P Real Estate

"Jo has this big juicy brain with so many great ideas, but she's also grounded in solid marketing and business experience.” – Cassa, Cassa Grant Communications

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