What I do

Brand strategy & tone of voice
How can you expect people to back your brand if you don’t even know what it is? From your big why, to your values, differentiators and tone of voice, I use expert thinking and customer and competitor insights to take you from bog-standard business to beloved brand.

Copywriting & naming
Words and product names mean nothing unless people connect with them.
So, using research, creative thinking and the nuggets I've learnt from behavioural psychology, I write clear, engaging copy that’s on-brand and customer-worthy. I name products too – everything from skincare and paint colours, to saucepans, suits, and snacks.

Whether you’re refreshing your 'About us' page, selling a product, or trying to get a budget signed off, we’re all writing more than ever before. But are you getting the results you want? If the answer’s no, cue one of Wigley’s writing workshops.

The total opposite of death by PowerPoint, my workshops combine theory with creative exercises to help you master the art of storytelling, unpack persuasive writing, and sell without sounding salesy. I can tailor sessions for your team too.

Why me?

Having spent over a decade helping businesses find their way with words, I’ve experienced my industry from both sides of the table.

I kickstarted my career in London, during a recession of all things. After two unpaid internships (a rite of passage for graduates back then), the holes in my pockets started to expose flesh. Before things got too risqué, I landed my first paid job as a writer and trainer at a leading brand language consultancy.

For the next several years, I worked with retailers, airlines, banks, and beauty giants on both the agency and client sides. I learnt from some of the best brains in the business. But the time came for me to sit at the head of my own table.

So now, from my co-working studio waaaay down under in New Zealand, I help organisations from all over the world discover (and communicate with) the heart and soul of their brand, so they can connect with customers on a deeper level and grow with purpose.

Don't just take my word for it

"Jo is a brand DNA scientist at her absolute peak. She is an incredible communicator and a mastermind at exploring and discovering what makes an authentic brand.” – Rohan, Peora

"Jo has a gift for unlocking beautiful and personable ways of talking about our very technical products.” – Josh, BLUNT Umbrellas

"Collaborating with Jo has been a thought-provoking, linguistic journey for our brand.” – Scott, S&P Real Estate

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